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What is the right way to use a compound miter saw?

A tool is always the first love of any skilled person. But some tools are adored and fancied by their users because of their properties. It can be said about a compound miter saw that it is among the power tools that are used widely by wood workers, carpenters, artists and even farmers all around the world. There are many properties of this type of miter saw that make it unique. Other than the perfect angles and smooth edges, the quick and best results of this miter saw make it the best power tool so far.840378-heavy-duty-10-compound-miter-saw Using a compound miter saw you can make square angles, bevels or in any direction just within less time. That is the reason it is called compound! Well if you want to get maximum benefits from your compound miter saw, you must understand the functioning of the machine properly. So that you can use it according to your projects!

Benefits of a Compound Miter Saw:

The list of benefits is very long but here are some of them:
    1. You can build pet houses and cabinets using the compound miter saw.
    2. You can make photo frames out of wood or any other material using this power tool easily.
    3. You can cut perfect angles with around 100% accuracy.
    4. Using a compound miter saw, you can cut compound angles ranging from bevel, square and from any degree.
    5. You can cut crown moldings using this wonderful power tool.

Tips for using a Compound Miter Saw

For getting maximum benefits out of your compound miter saw, you must understand the working functions properly. Here are the following tips which can help the beginners:

1. Choose the type of blade: The choice of the blade used for your miter saw depends on the type of material you want to cut. There are a lot of types of blades available in the market with respect to sizes, sharpness and materials. However choosing the type of blade depends on the project and a wider blade is needed for making wide cuts. But if you want to make a photo frame or cut fence panels, you may require a blade between 8 to 12 inches.

2. Sliding or non-sliding miter saw:12257_lead
 Other than the blades, there are other varieties available in the market. The sliding compound miter saw and non-sliding miter saw can be chosen according to your need. The benefits of both types of saws are different. For example you can slide the sliding miter saw along radial and horizontal angles. So choosing a sliding compound miter saw offers more benefits.

3. Point the place to make cuts: It is suggested that you measure the point where you want to make cut and then start the sliding process. This will make sure that you will cut the exact angles with perfect measurements. Doing this is also a good decision as mistakes can be avoided.


4. Setting up rk table: The idea of setting up a table for using a compound miter saw is very good as you can hold the material under the blade with a firmer grip. This is better to ensure a comfortable posture while working as focus is required for cutting.

5. Wear safety gear: Before operating a compound miter saw, makes sure you have your safety gear. It includes a pair of glasses, gloves and ear plugs. The glasses are very important as it can save your eyes from any material piece that can injure the sensitive parts of your eyes. The gloves are used for the reason that the blade of the compound miter saw is very sharp. It can cut your hands and fingers and can cause severe injury.

6. Read the instructions manual properly: With every compound miter saw, a manual also comes for better guidance. Before operating the saw, it is necessary to read the instructions. Many functions of the miter saw can prove very helpful for your project so reading the manual will benefit you in this way.

7. Keep kids and pets away: A compound miter saw is a power tool that is very dangerous when it comes in contact with kids and pets. You must take proper safety measures in order to keep your kids safe.

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