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A step by step guide on how to use a miter saw!

A miter saw is a power tool that is used to cut wood and lumber mostly. It is a tool which cuts accurate crosscuts at selected angles. It is famous among people who work with wooden products by the name of chop saw or drop saw. Among its common uses, there are framing operations accurate cutting of mold. The sizes and power of the miter saw varies according to the types of blade used in the making of saw. Most commonly used sizes of the blade range from eight inches to twelve inches. 3890141_orig There is a simple guide for the people who are using it for the first time.

Step 1

The first step in using the miter saw is to choose the type and size of the saw. There are a lot of varieties available in the market so choosing the best that meets your requirements is very important. There are following types of miter saws:
  • The standard miter saw is the most basic type of saw that makes perpendicular cuts through the materials at angels of 45 % at both left and right sides. To keep the blade at the right place, an angel scale and locking device is also attached to the saw so that any accidents can be prevented.
  • The sliding meter saw includes a horizontal arm. The saw slides along this arm and it allows much wider and deeper penetration into the wood or any other material that is being sawed.
  • The compound miter saw is an advanced type of saw as it allows the users to tilt the blade when needed. The blade can be used to cut at specific angles from vertical sides to cut a compound angel.
So these are the types of miter saw and you can select among them whichever is best suited for your cutting project.

Step 2

The second step is to decide how much power you need for your miter saw. The electrical tools use different power ratings for their functions. For heavier cuttings, a higher power is required and a smaller cut can be done with a normal or low electrical power. So power plays a very important role in right cutting of the materials. So choosing a standard miter saw will allow you to operate on 120 volts. For cutting heavy stock, you should select an industrial rated miter saw which may have a special wiring so that it doesn’t burst during cutting.

Step 3

So now you can decide what type of miter you need! The next step is to rent or purchase a miter saw. If you are going to use it for long term, purchasing the machine can be beneficial. However if it’s just a onetime project, renting a miter saw from any hardware store can save you a lot of money.

Step 4

Now bring the miter saw to a table or stand where you can set up the machine and cut the materials. Don’t forget to read the manual given with the machine. It will help you understand the parts of the saw and other features like laser guides, locking clamps, saw tilt scales and blades. Then just start cutting by placing your material on the table and hold it with the help of clamps. Using the manual, you will be able to cut at different angels and shapes.c26-B000WR18XY-3

Step 5

When you feel comfortable with working your miter saw, experiment with using the other functions of the saw so that you can understand the whole functioning properly.


Using a miter saw can be a horrible experiment if you don’t follow the rules and precautions that come with the machine. A list of some rules is given here which are crucial to follow when using a miter saw:
  • Always keep your hands and arms away from the blade of the saw. The blade is extremely sharp and it can cause severe injuries to your body when touched.
  • Wearing baggy clothes or necklaces that can get stuck in the saw while operation is prohibited. It can cause very bad accidents and may prove fatal.
  • Using a miter saw requires 100 % focus so don’t use it when you are under influence of fatigue or drugs.
  • Don’t forget to wear eye protection, ear protection and dust protection gear while using the miter saw.

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